Nutcracker Show

Date - 12/01/2017
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Stitch - Performing Arts Hall

Nutcracker Show

By adding splendid lyrics to a simplified version of Tchaikovsky’s famous score, this unique version of The Nutcracker captures the magic and fantasy of the ballet story without requiring dancers or choreography.

On Christmas Eve, the mysterious Godfather Drosselmeier presents Marie with an unusual Nutcracker.  That night she is awakened by a band of renegade mice, led by the evil Mouse King.  The Nutcracker, joined by a Ballerina, Feline Legation, and Mistress Clara, battle the rodents, and Marie defeats the Mouse King by hitting him with her slipper.  The heroes travel to the Land of Toys to rescue Princess Pirlipat from the wicked Mouse Queen, including Sweet Tooth and the cowardly mouse Rudi.

The Nutcracker and the princess are reunited, the curse is broken, and Marie returns home with her toys to celebrate Christmas with her family.

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