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Performing arts are types of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience, such as drama, music, and dance.

For the first five years in the life of the Tamaqua Community Art Center, our Performing Arts Hall was known as The Performing Arts Hall.

Performing Arts Hall now known as The Stitch

The Stitch logoThe Stitch

A “Stitch” is the small movement of a thread, purposely done to connect or to create.

It is both the action and the result.

Itself a small thing, a stitch is most powerful when working together to create cloth, to connect fabrics, or heal wounds.

One stitch forever changed the history of Tamaqua and even to this day is helping people create, connect and heal. That Stitch is John E. Morgan’s famous circular waffle stitch that to this day, warms infants and soldiers and led to to a storied industrial and philanthropic legacy.

In its honor and to remember the business and benevolent contributions of its inventor, the performance hall at Tamaqua Community Art Center will forever be known as “The Stitch.”

On June 24, 1958, the U.S. Patent Office issued Patent No. 2,839,909 to a young and energetic man from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, John E. Morgan. The patent gave him rights to “knitted circular thermal fabric and garments” made by using his process.

The fabric created by the legendary Stitch features rows of cell pockets that trap heat and the Stitch is specially designed to resist shrinking and hold its form. Today the “waffle stitch” of thermal underwear is easily recognized by the fabric’s rows of pockets that resemble a breakfast waffle. These pockets trap body heat to the delight of outdoor workers, hunters, skiers and soldiers across the globe who value lightweight, warm and well-fitting garments. To this day, the gentle warmth of The Stitch makes the fabric a favorite for baby blankets.

The award of a patent for The Stitch set the stage for an epic battle between the small-town entrepreneur and the giants of the world textile industry. [Read more…]

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