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TCACGalleryMany local artists have taken the opportunity to exhibit their work in The Gallery at the Tamaqua Art Center.

Marie Gelsomino has appeared as one of our many featured artists.

Her work was last on exhibit in the gallery during October 2016.

Marie resides in Tamaqua. She studied art at Montclair State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Marie loves traveling and rendering the different places she has visited.

Gallery Walk Through - R. Thomas Berner Exhibit

Adult Senior Art Program

In mid-October 2015, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Berks Arts Council announced the award of a grant to the Tamaqua Community Art Center for an Adult Senior Art Program.

The grant was awarded to facilitate reaching an under-served population in the Tamaqua area, specifically senior adults, and to offer them the kind of creative opportunities the Art Center has provided to others in the past years. It is widely understood that art and the use of creativity can improve the quality and healthfulness of life for senior adults.

Each month one artist of a group of four offered instruction in a unique project.  Projects included fiber art with Kim Tanzos (upper left photo), handmade paper/collage art with Claire Marcus (upper right photo), painting with Michael Pyrdsa (lower left photo) and poetry with Marilyn Hazelton (lower right).

The Tamaqua Art Center coordinated the project with the Tamaqua High Rise, Tamaqua Majestic House, and the Salvation Army “Older Bolder” senior group.

The program concluded with an artist meet-and-greet gallery show displaying the work created by the seniors on May 5, 2016 at The Gallery of the Tamaqua Community Art Center.

Check out what’s coming to The Gallery at the Tamaqua Art Center

Watch this space for upcoming events

Pictured: A Paint & Sip Art Class in The Gallery


Pictured: An LCCC-sanctioned Art Class at work on our sidewalk



Looking to complete an arts degree or take a few classes with a certified teacher?

Accredited art instruction offerings through Lehigh Carbon Community College held here at the Tamaqua Arts Center provide the opportunity for continuing the Arts Degree program with the following three credit course offerings:

Painting 1
Includes basic instruction in form, color, value, composition, and historical material. The media will include oil and acrylic. Students are encouraged to create works driven by personal expression.

3-D Design
Considers the elements of design and the principles of three-dimensional design. Some of the goals include helping the student to become aware of the use and development of design through the utilization of basic materials, technique, and tools. An understanding of the major traditions and contemporary movements in sculptural design will also be explored. Each student will gain a clearer understanding and greater appreciation of form through individual involvement in creative projects.

Color Theory
This course will explore the additive and subtractive color theories and their practical applications across artistic disciplines. Color-aid papers, mixed media collage, pigment as well as digital media oral presentations will serve as the basic media used in this course. Some of the topics covered will be an in-depth study of the basic properties of color, the psychological and expressive qualities of color and the symbolic and cultural content of color. This is a studio art course that will be project based.

For more information, call 570-668-1192 LCCC Morgan Center.

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