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The Mission of Tamaqua Choose Happiness is to be a town where people care if you’re happy–believe it or not.
We affirm that EVERY Tamaquan has innate value and dignity, are good neighbors, and have heart.

The areas below are the 5 areas that have been identified as the framework for Tamaqua’s Happiness.

To participate in surveys and to learn more visit choose-happiness.org

Social Relationships

Having positive people in your life and meaningful connections with friends and family can lead to happiness.

Sense of Purpose

On a mission? People who have a clear sense of purpose in life tend to report being happier than those who do not.

Community Engagement

Participating, volunteering, voting and engaging in civic activities correlate with happiness – those attending civic meetings already know that!

Health & Wellness

“Well, at least you have your health!” is not just something you say. Physical and mental health and wellness can be important to happiness.

Financial Health

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but financial health is certainly a contributing factor when people report how happy they are!

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